51st International Congress on Medieval Studies - Kalamazoo

ICMS - Kalamazoo

MRDS Sessions include the following: 

Friday, 10 am, Session 189. Editing for the Classroom, Translating for the Stage: Making Medieval Drama Accessible to Modern Audiences

Organizer: Frank M. Napolitano, Radford Univ.

Presider: Andrew M. Pfrenger, Kent State Univ.–Salem

  • Is There an Audience for This Play? Constructing the Reader of Modernized Medieval Drama Christina M. Fitzgerald, Univ. of Toledo, and John T. Sebastian, Loyola Univ. New Orleans
  • Ethically Glossing/Glossing Ethically: Working with Public-Domain Texts Cameron Hunt McNabb, Southeastern Univ., and Frank M. Napolitano
  • Translation and Fashion, or, How Long Is a Translation Supposed to Last? Mario B. Longtin, Western Univ.

Friday, 3:30, Session 321. From Hildegard to Mother Courage: Celebrating the Life and Work of Robert Potter (1934–2010)

Organizer: Robert L. A. Clark, Kansas State Univ.

Presider: Robert L. A. Clark

  • Robert Potter, the Modern Production of Medieval Plays, and the Historiography of the Field since 1970 Alexandra F. Johnston, Records of Early English Drama
  • Pre- and Post-Humanist Pig Performance Marla Carlson, Univ. of Georgia
  • From the Hussite Revolution to the Catholic Enlightenment: The Suppression, Preservation, and Revival of Palmesels in Bohemia and Poland Max Harris, Univ. of Wisconsin–Madison

Friday, 8:00 pm, Performance as Research: Medieval Text, Modern Performance, Contested Ground (A Performance)

Organizer: Carolyn Coulson, Shenandoah Univ.

Presider: Cameron Hunt McNabb, Southeastern Univ.

  • This session features a full performance of the French farce Soeur Fessue, translated by Mario B. Longtin (Western Univ.). The performance is followed by a discussion of the various research agendas that are at work in such a project, and the way the performance event can become a scholarly battleground. Performer/ panelists are Carolyn Coulson; Lofton L. Durham, Western Michigan Univ.; Matthew Sergi, Univ. of Toronto; Mario B. Longtin; and Kyle A. Thomas, Univ. of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign.

Saturday, 3:30, Session 452. Making Time/Making Space: Temporality in Medieval and Renaissance Drama

Organizer: Jill Stevenson, Marymount Manhattan College

Presider: Jill Stevenson

  • “Why, how long shall he live?”: Making Time for Murder in Arden of Faversham Dori Coblentz, Emory Univ.
  • Reading as Performance and Reading the Performance of Labyrinthe royal de l’Hercule gaulois triumphant: Representing the Representé Daniel Ruppel, Brown Univ.
  • Redundancy, Metaphor, and Memory: Experience of Space and Time in Medieval Christian Theater Christopher Swift, New York City College of Technology, CUNY
  • A Violent Spatializing of Time: Colonizing Utopian Imaginaries in Seventeenth-Century Barbados Scott Venters, Univ. of Washington–Seattle

Saturday, 5:15. Medieval and Renaissance Drama Society (MRDS) Business Meeting (Fetzer 2016)